OTI Subsidiaries & Services

OTI Group currently hosts and manages several social enterprises  namely, OTI TravelOTI MediaOTI Radiothimame.comJobsToDo.euEurojobs.comOTI Community Support (OCS) and otieducation.org
The OTI Subsidiaries & Services include:


EuroJobs Logo T

Eurojobs.com is the largest truly European Job Site, hosting on average over 5 million jobs in Europe. This job board serves the goal of diminishing unemployment because employment is one of our main priorities, Eurojobs integrates well into our goals.  This growing website will help people find jobs all over Europe.

Eurojobs together with OTI Group, undertake a variety of research projects to better understand the needs of the employer and the job seeker, build educational programs and enhance our online platform to offer better services to our users.

Eurojobs will also be planning a variety of Job Fairs all over Europe, check out our events section for updates and information.


thimame Logo T

Thimame.com is our online superstore, hosting over 40,000 products, from school supplies to home appliances, jewellery and great gift ideas.

Thimame is not only a superstore but also an opportunity for new entrepreneurs to open their own shops on the Thimame platform and sell their products, offering advice and support to all new businesses.

Thimame has an amazing reminder system built-in to ensure that you never forget any special occasion again.

All proceeds of Thimame go to our OTI Charity to support the different programs and projects we support.


Logo JobsToDo T

JobsToDo is our on-demand marketplace offering freelancers and companies endless possibilities.   JobsToDo focuses primarily on the European market.  Continuing with our priority of employment, JobsToDo helps many people become self-employed, managing their own time and services while allowing businesses to pay for what they need when they need it.

Just like all things, we grow with the times and the needs of the public.  JobsToDo is currently undergoing a major upgrade to incorporate new services and options both for the freelancers and the employers out there.



One Terrene International (OTI) is our charity and independent non-profit and non-government organisation which implements a variety of charitable causes and projects related to education, training and employment.  OTI also undertakes a variety of research projects.


 otict t- OTI Community Token ("OTICT" and its associated services)

In 2021, looking at the devastation happening in the world, from COVID, increasing unemployment, increasing numbers of homeless people, forest fires, floods and the list goes on, we realised that although we contribute to helping where we can we need to find other means of resources to help those in need.  Our communities are eager to support each other as situations worsen in the world it is becoming more difficult for people to support causes without this being a financial burden on them.  

For this reason, we researched different options and decided to enter the world of Cryptocurrency, creating our own Ecosystem of cryptocurrency, allowing our communities to support our causes while getting something in return. 

OTICT is now available on centralised exchanges.


 OTI Media T

OTI Media was born out of necessity, both the needs of the market and the talent.  With the online world becoming ever so popular the needs for services in this arena have just grown, and so have the lists of talented individuals who are able to meet these demands, but are sadly still unemployed.  We created OTI Media, an initiative of OTI Group, which is a Social Enterprise designed to help both sides.

We pooled together a group of talented individuals, able to offer the best services in media and online services and created by OTI Media.  Offered services consist of Graphic Design & AnimationWeb-DesignVideo EditingMultimedia Design, to Radio/Tv/Web AdvertisingSocial Media handling and everything in between.

 OTI Media has become a core employer for talented people in the Information Technology and Design fields and a major service provider for the industry.  With an ever-growing talent pool and service profile, OTI Media is your next stop for great media content. 


 OTI Radio T

OTI Radio is an initiative of OTI, to educate and train people interested in getting into online radio broadcasting and creating their own radio shows.  The Radio station is an online Radio station which plays a vast variety of music from all over the world while hosting interesting talk shows hosted by youth, and other people interested to learn more about broadcasting and Radio.

OTI Radio runs a variety of training programs throughout the year for people interested in obtaining this skill.  The training programs run from 2 days to 2 weeks with a final result of running their own 2-hour show after completion of the training program. 

OTI Radio also invites people with events, causes and information to be guest stars on our shows.


 OTI Travel T

 At OTI Group, we travel a lot, and for most of our activities and projects, people are also required to travel.  We have always had a philosophy of “why pay more” when it comes to travel.  In dealing with this, we established the OTI Travel initiative.  Bringing you affordable travel options, accommodation and even activities including tours, tickets and much more into one central site. 

So, the next time you have to travel somewhere, try out OTI Travel and find the most affordable options for all your travel needs.

OTI Travel is not a travel agency.

We use affiliate programs and third-party tools (widgets) to help users search for and select flights, tickets, and other travel-related options from these providers' sites. Any purchase made is completed on these third-party sites, and OTI Travel does not have control over the accuracy, completeness, or availability of the information displayed. We do not guarantee the availability of any product or service and are not responsible for any errors or omissions that may occur.

OTI Travel generates income through these affiliate programs, which go towards supporting charitable causes, co-funding projects, and other social initiatives of OTI Group and One Terrene International.

  OTI Verse T

 OTI Verse (RoveOpenSea)

In staying with the times and the technological advancements, we decided to join the Metaverse, embracing what we know and jumping into the unknown.  OTI created its own Metaverse, called OTI Verse, hosting 751 worlds as a start with a great expansion plan in place.  We encouraged artists and enthusiasts to join our journey by creating a variety of #NFTs for this #Metaverse from magnificent works of art, to virtual spaces, for each of us to enjoy.

Join our journey into the Metaverse and help us pioneer this new terrain. 

All proceeds from our Metaverse will help real people in need from employment opportunities to housing projects. 


 OTI Education T

OTI Education, focuses on education, offering a variety of educational programs, e-courses and projects, for people of all ages, including activities for Long Life Learning.

OTI Education also has an online learning platform which has over 500 online courses on offer.  This platform also allows other educators and trainers to offer their courses to the public.


 OTI Chef T

OTI Chef has two main objectives, firstly to preserve and promote our culture through food, culinary arts and traditions and secondly to help chefs, at all levels, find employment. 

OTI Chef has initiated a variety of projects all over Europe, bringing together different cultures and helping people from different cultures and backgrounds learn about each other and each other’s cultures.

OTI Chef Manages the OTI Café brand, which are Cafés in all our Youth centres.  OTI Cafe T


 OTI Culture T

Without culture, we are nothing.  It is the history that has formed us into the people we are today, it is the fingerprint that defines us as people and it is the footprint that will reveal our tomorrow.

OTI Culture has a goal to preserve and share cultures of all people around the world, allowing us to understand where we come from and where we will go, helping us learn about different people, embracing the similarities and learning from the differences.

Whether it’s the food we eat or the art that reminds us of our history, all forms of culture are important to us and most importantly the education and sharing of cultures.

OTI Culture undertakes a variety of projects to explore and preserve culture, check out our events calendar for events in your area.


 OTI Youth T

 Our youth are our future.  In a fast-paced world with constantly changing values, systems and technologies it is our priority to understand the needs of our youth and provide them with the tools and education they require to succeed so that we can deliver the world for them so that they can continue our legacies and create their own.

The demands on our youth have grown and it is our objective to stand by them offering guidance, knowledge and experience so that they can be the best they can be.  Ensuring that all youth have access to education and basic human rights, that all youth are represented equally and that their voices are heard.

OTI Youth works with youth aged 5 to 30, offering a variety of workshops, seminars, educational programs and projects.


 nsar t

Nautilos SAR, is an independent organisation, that is managed by OTI Group.  Nautilos has as a main priority the environment, protection and conservation of marine life and habitats and sports, supporting healthy lifestyle choices.

Nautilos has a huge youth following, but not only youth, and undertakes a variety of projects to educate and enlighten people.

Nautilos undertakes a variety of events from beach and sea clean-ups to the planting of trees to help with reforestation.  Nautilos also have a Cycling Club in Nicosia which hosts a variety of cycling events.

Check out our events section for updates on different events and projects.


 NSAR Cycling T

Nautilos Cycling Club is an initiative of the volunteers and members of our Youth centres.  Organising guided Cycling trips.

We normally have a Cycling event every Tuesday evening in Nicosia, but also do additional events like blood donations and weekend trips with families and children.

Visit our events section to see where our next Cycling event will be.  


 PlanetEarth Logo T

Planet Earth Watch is an initiative of OTI Group which monitors our planet by looking for environmental problems.  The project is made up of people from around the globe who care about our planet and our environment. 

Planet Earth Watch is more of a cause, where anyone can join and update the information on problems and even good things.  When problems are identified we either send in a team of volunteers to help or inform the proper authorities.  If needed we will also initiate legal action where required.


OTI HikingClub Logo T

 OTI Hiking Club is an initiative of the volunteers and members of our youth centres.  Creating hiking trips to some of the most beautiful places while allowing people to maintain healthy lifestyles.  All our hiking trips are organised in advance and guided by our staff and volunteers.

Visit our events sections to see where our next hike is going to be.